We want our homeowners to have a worry-free house for years to come. We strive to make not only the building process seamless, but the living process as well. That's why most of our business comes from the referrals of happy customers.

Pride Built is an amazing company that will take the greatest care in giving you the home of your dreams. They are easy to work with and won’t give you the runaround that other builders are known for. They are straight forward and super affordable, there aren’t any hidden costs or things that sneak up on you. If we ever build again (which we probably won’t because we love the home they built us so much), we would definitely build with them again.

Megan Yost

Brandon built our house for us summer of 2013.  He is a very conscientious contractor and is very concerned about his clients being fully satisfied with the results… In places he could have saved a few dollars where the homeowner would never know, he spent the money to make the house a higher quality dwelling.  You should be glad that in today’s world you can find a contractor like Brandon who really cares about the end result and your satisfaction.

Tim Smith

We are SO glad that we chose to use Pride Builders!  Brandon and his crew did an excellent job in building our beautiful home.  Such great quality in craftsmanship.  Other builders that have been in our home, have commented on how impressive the fine custom details are in the finish work throughout the house (which most homes don’t have).  Brandon was easy to work with.  He is an HONEST man and always looked out for our best interest.  The building process went very smoothly with him.  He walked us through step by step the entire time.  We were never left with questions unanswered or wandering what was lined up next.  You can definitely tell that he took pride not only in the quality of work, but also in his relationship with us.  He went the extra mile.
We would absolutely recommend Pride Builders to anyone!

Dave and Michelle Romero

My husband and I chose to work with Brandon and his company Pride Builders for a number of reasons. When we set out to get our bid, Brandon was very easy to work with. He was prompt in getting our bid to us. His bid was reasonably lower than another contractor in the area, and was a price that we felt was very fair and honest.  We were pleased with the transparency of the process with the loan and the building of the house, and felt that he was honest and up front about things.  He worked very well with “Hearthstone Homes” company in getting us the floor plan that we liked and effectively communicated all of the modifications that we had concerning their plan.  He made it very easy to customize different rooms in our home. He gave great suggestions, where we were unsure, but also left things open to the way we wanted them. The quality of the different sub-contractors and supply companies that he went through was good. We personally met a lot of the contractors who worked on our house, and visited some of the supply centers and were pleased with what we saw.   The construction process went quickly and smoothly and we felt that Brandon was very efficient in what he did.  We were surprised with little details such as moldings and trims in the end product that were nicer than we had expected. We appreciated that he went the extra mile to make it look nice and to put good quality products in the home-while still making things very affordable.  He was great to work with in the area of sweat equity. We were able to do some of the work on our own, and we appreciated that, and his willingness to accommodate our requests.
Overall Brandon and the people in his company are very friendly and pleasant to work with and we are very pleased with the finished product.  The home that was built for us has felt of great quality and very efficient.
We would recommend building a home with Pride Builders to anyone.


Thank you so very much for being willing to work with me under less than ideal circumstances. I have really enjoyed the building process and the friendships made along the way.  Although, we are looking forward to moving in and enjoying our new home, I'm a little sad the building process is over.  Thanks for building us such a nice house.  Your craftsmanship and overall quality far exceeds what I would have expected for myself.  We are so excited for our cute little house!  Thanks also for letting me add a little of my own personality.  You are great to work with!

Nichole, Taitum and Rossi Carter

We love our pridebuilthome! Brandon Nay was absolutely fantastic! We highly recommend him! If I had the chance to do it all over again, Brandon would definitely get the job!!! Every step of the way he handled perfectly!

Curtis G Beckstrom

My family and I discovered South Rim in 2016. Over the next year we worked with Heidi Purvis (who is a real estate agent for the South Rim development) and learned of Brandon Nay and Pride Built homes. Brandon has built several homes in the South Rim area and we really liked what we saw. We researched several builders and home plans, but decided on Pride Built Homes because of their reasonable prices and nice standard finishes. Brandon was responsive to our bid requests for several home designs.

Brandon built our family’s home in the winter and spring of 2018. We wanted to go with a predesigned plan, but also wanted the ability to customize certain things such as: larger windows, shower customizations, specific electrical situations, heating/cooling efficiencies, an additional bedroom, and extra concrete work. Brandon was more than willing to accommodate our customizations. During the building process, there were some concerns we had. Brandon was very good about making sure the final result turned out equal to or better than what we had originally requested.

Even after closing on, and moving into, our new home on a tight timeline, Brandon continued to keep in touch and follow through on specific items we addressed with him. We’ve had two home warranty concerns, both of which Brandon’s subcontractors have quickly addressed. We feel like we have great support on the home warranty side.

Everything worked out really well for us. We’re very happy with our house, and everything Brandon and his team did. We would highly recommend Pride Built Homes to anyone considering building a home.

-Jared & Laura Balis

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